MCELM Frequently Asked Questions

Do I get JPME credit for attending CGSC?

You will receive JPME phase one credit.  There is no degree awarded unless you fulfill the additional requirements for the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS).  You will have to attend JFSC in Norfolk to earn the JPME phase two credit.

What type of fitness report will I receive from my tour at CGSC?

Barring any adverse conduct, all fitness reports for CGSC students are academic, non-observed fitness reports.

Am I required to buy any books for the CGSOC?

Nearly all the reading material required for your coursework will be issued to you prior to the beginning of the course. There are exceptions (for example, the previously mentioned books; The Dynamics of Military Revolution 1300-2050, Makers of Modern Strategy, On War, as well as a few others depending upon instructor choice or electives); however, there are ample copies of these books in the Combined Arms Research Library. In other words, buying these books is a choice, not a necessity.


Generally the uniform of the day for classes will be the seasonally appropriate utility uniform. There are occasions for Service Alphas and seasonally appropriate wear of the service uniform. By and large, however, the uniform for classes will be the utility uniform. Of course, you should have your Dress Blues/Mess Dress readily available for the Marine Corps Birthday Ball, which as a side note, is hosted by the CGSC Marines, so bring your sword.

There is limited uniform support aboard post (if the Army doesn’t wear it, the Post Exchange generally doesn’t carry it), so plan ahead. As always, MCCS Online offers the ability to order necessary uniform parts if needed.

MCELM Contact Information:
Marine Corps Detachment, 100 Stimson Ave., Rm 3519, Ft. Leavenworth, KS 66027
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-4673, DSN: 552-4673
E-mail: The Marine Corps Element