AFELM Student Requirements

Incoming Student Information - Student Requirements

AKO Account

Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is the Army's equivalent of our Air Force Portal. You will be required to have an AKO account prior to arriving at CGSC. In order to set up your AKO account you will need an Army Sponsor. AFELM currently does not have the ability to sponsor inbound students. The Element will supply you with a Sponsor prior to your arrival once attendance rolls have been confirmed.

Here are the steps for getting an AKO login:

  1. Browse to the main AKO site via the following link:
  2. Select "Register for AKO"
  3. Select "Create Joint Account"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  5. You must use your legal name, or a form of it (i.e. Rob for Robert). No nicknames or call signs.

Biography and Official Photo

The AFELM Commander requests all students complete an Air Force Biography and have an official photo taken (service dress, seated US Flag background and full length white background) prior to arrival. The purpose of the BIO and official photo is to prepare you for an expected number of job opportunities (to be announced by AFPC), during the course of your academic year. Email the AF Prep Course POC a copy of your official AF Bio with inset seated photo.

Security Requirements

As a student, you are in a Secret billet. TS or SCI is required for a very limited number of our electives. A TS/SCI investigation will not be initiated just to qualify you for an elective that requires it. Check with your current security manager to see if your current clearance is expiring soon. If so, complete the required paperwork before you report to CGSC.

Please do not send any classified material here. We do not have classified storage capability. CGSC may actually have the documents you need in the Combined Arms Research Library. If you have any additional security clearance questions, call the AFELM Personnel Manager at DSN 552-3424 or COMM (913) 684-3424.

Parking at Lewis and Clark

Parking is limited at CGSC. There is student parking in the vicinity south of the Lewis and Clark Center. You must observe the posted signs and park only in authorized student parking areas. Do NOT park in an F-Tag designated parking area. We urge you to bicycle, motorcycle, car pool, or walk to help alleviate the parking challenge throughout the year. We take parking seriously. If the Military Police issue you or your family members three traffic tickets (to include warnings) on Fort Leavenworth (parking, speeding, failure to yield, etc.) in a 6-month period, you may lose your Fort Leavenworth driving privileges. Please observe the rules and discuss this matter with your family members who drive. Military sponsors are responsible for the actions of their family members. Additional information is provided during in processing.

AF Prep Course (INDOC)

The first few weeks after your arrival will be devoted to in-processing and preparing you to succeed in an Army environment and preparing you for academic success. You will spend some time "re-bluing" on Air Force Doctrine, current events in the service, and an overview of hot-button airpower issues in the joint community. During this period, you will also spend time getting to know your Air Force classmates and the other Air Force folks stationed here at Fort Leavenworth.

Helpful References

You will access the following publications throughout the school year. They contain the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. CGSC Circular 350 1, Command and General Staff College Catalog, is linked at the CGSC Inbound Information site page. It addresses all academic offerings and requirements as well as providing detailed information on the CGSC curriculum. Information on the Advanced Applications Program (AAP) (electives), the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) Degree Program, and civilian university studies are published under separate cover and distributed after your arrival.
  2. CGSC Circular 350-5, The Command and General Staff Officer Course Student Handbook is scheduled to post to the BlackBoard. It covers general information, policies, conduct of instruction, library services, administrative matters, physical fitness, weight control, and athletics. It addresses academic offerings and requirements as well as providing detailed information on the CGSC curriculum, such as electives information, the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) Degree Program, and civilian university studies.
  3. There are required readings for the CGSC Common Core Curriculum and the Advanced Operations Course (AOC). Each student must have a copy of these publications for class. Most classes will have copies of required readings available at the Combined Arms Research Library. Any publications not available at CARL should be available in adequate quantities for purchase at the CGSC AAFES Bookstore. Students may purchase these books prior to in-processing.

Books that may be required for purchase and may not be available in CARL are:

  • Common Core Curriculum:
    Knox, MacGregor, and Williamson Murray. The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300–2050. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Paret, Peter (editor).
    Makers of Modern Strategy. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1986.
  • Advanced Operations Course (AOC):
    Murray, Williamson and Allan R. Millett. Military Innovation in the Interwar Period. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996.

Uniform Requirements

The utility uniform (BDU or flight suit) will be worn the majority of the time. Plan uniforms accordingly for Kansas winters which can be very cold and snowy. You will also need Service Dress, Mess Dress and PT gear. If you have flight gear and expect to fly again, don't turn it in.

The Fort Leavenworth PX and Military Clothing Sales do not carry very many Air Force uniform items. Stock up before you depart your duty station. The closest AF Clothing Sales is at Whiteman AFB, located two hours away. They can take telephone orders and mail via Fed-Ex. Another option is AAFES Military Clothing telephone and/or internet orders available at

Feel free to keep your uniform "as is" while here at school. Your current organizational patches are acceptable – in fact, they help people remember your background and areas of expertise.

Master’s Degree

Unlike ACSC, CGSC does not grant a Master's Degree upon course completion. However, the school offers an optional Master of Military Art and Science Degree program that includes a thesis on a military topic of your choice. It also fills some of the school's elective requirements for graduation.

Additionally, there are a number of civilian graduate schools that cater master's programs to the CGSC population. There will be an opportunity during the prep course to learn about these various programs.

AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element