AFELM Personnel Issues

Incoming Student Information - Personnel Issues


The promotion system for students is unique. Your current senior rater must prepare a narrative-only Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) on you prior to your departure. You are required to submit a copy of your PRF upon arrival to the AFELM Personnel Manager. This is an AFI requirement which must be met whether you have already met a board or are about to meet a board. Specific guidance can be found in AFI 36-2406, and


If possible, ensure your current unit completes an OPR prior to your departure. Strive for a close out date as close to your departure date as possible. If there is a short gap between your latest OPR and your report date, we will be able to document any missed accomplishments on your training report, provided your current supervisor signs a Letter of Evaluation.


Complete/update your ADP before you depart your current job. Your current Commander is your best resource for career counseling and he/she will be able to make the best possible assignment recommendations in the reviewer blocks of the ADP. The AFELM director does not provide ADP vectors for students; so your current Commander should discuss your post-IDE assignment prospects (staff, Command, return to fly) on your ADP before you depart.


Once we begin the Air Force Prep Course, ordinary leave is difficult to coordinate in large blocks. There will typically be a midway two-week break during Christmas and New Year's. You will also have a week off in March that aligns with on-post Spring Break. Excess use-or-lose leave will not be an acceptable excuse for missing class. It is advised that you work use-or-lose leave issues before you arrive.

Physical Fitness

All AF students will complete the AF fitness assessment while at CGSC. We conduct mass testing in October and April. If you are current through April 30 when you arrive in June, then you will need to complete the fitness assessment in October. If you are due prior to 30 April, then you will test in October. During the AF Prep Course, you may be required to complete the Army fitness test, which includes sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run. This assessment will not be recorded, but will allow you to determine your fitness level compared to your classmates.

You will be expected to uphold a healthy, respectable level of fitness and present a professional appearance while in uniform.

AFELM Contact Information:
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