AFELM Medical

Incoming Student Information - Medical

If you have extenuating medical circumstances or need special arrangements for yourself or a family member, please coordinate with the AFELM Deputy Director.

If you are due for routine medical or dental exams, make every effort to complete prior to your arrival.

Flight Physicals & Flight Records:

There is an Army flight surgeon on-post; however, AF flight physicals are completed at Whiteman AFB which is two hours away. For those of you on flight status, you should hand-carry a copy of your form 1042. During the prep course, HARM office representatives from Whiteman AFB will be at Fort Leavenworth to collect hand carried records. For Flight Physicals, if you are coming due try to accomplish prior to your arrival.

Medical Records:

Your medical records will be kept at Fort Leavenworth Munson Army Health Center. If you travel to Whiteman AFB for a flight physical, you will need to check-out and check-in your medical records at Munson.

If you hand-carry your medical records as you PCS to Fort Leavenworth, you may drop the records off at the Medical Records Office at Munson. If your medical records are mailed by your losing unit, it is a good idea to double check receipt with the Medical Records office.

Munson Army Health Center
550 Pope Avenue, Bldg 343
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
COMM (913) 684-6000

Family Matters:

Expecting mothers should check-in with the Fort Leavenworth Munson Army Health Center for obstetric referrals. Fort Leavenworth does not have hospital facilities for maternity. There are two hospitals in the local Leavenworth area and a plethora of hospitals in the Kansas City area, as close as 30 minutes away. Most of the OB/GYN doctors in Leavenworth/Lansing also practice at one or more hospitals in the Kansas City vicinity.

If you have dependents enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), it's a great idea to contact your base TRICARE office to begin the mandatory paperwork shuffle between the Air Force and Army EFMP offices.

Note: The Army and the Air Force have different PCS rules governing EFMP cases, so start sorting out the requirements now. TRICARE enrollees in previous classes have experienced a relatively seamless transition.

AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element