AFELM Key Dates & Arrival

Incoming Student Information - Key Dates & Arrival

Key Dates

Class AY15:
Spring Break - 16-20 MAR 2015
Graduation Date - 12 JUN 2015

Class AY16:
Reporting Week – 22-26 JUN 2015
Air Force Prep Course – 29 JUN – 21 JUL 2015
P930 – 22-31 JUL 2015
Opening Day/Flag Ceremony – 10 AUG 2015
Winter Break – 21 DEC 2015 – 1 JAN 2016
Spring Break – 14-18 MAR 2016
Graduation – 10 JUN 2016



The AF Element is located in the Lewis & Clark Center, 100 Stimson Ave, suite 3521. Report here when you arrive. Check-in hours are Mon-Fri, 0800-1000 and 1300-1500. Initial check-in will last around 20 minutes. Uniform for check-in is ABU or flight suit. Bring the package you received when you out-processed from your previous station. Once you check-in, you will receive additional in-processing instructions that can be completed at your convenience during the remainder of the week. If you still need to search for a house, it is STRONGLY recommended that you in-process as early in the week as possible. Once you check-in, the remainder of the week will, for the most part, be for you to get yourself and your family settled.

If you need to arrive prior to the NET date, you must coordinate your request with your servicing Military Personnel Section and get approval from the Air Force Element Commander (forward requests through the AFELM NCOIC). Typically, early reporting is reserved for students arriving from overseas locations or with other extenuating circumstances; however, all requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Three important notes:

  1. TLF and/or post housing may not be available for early arrivals—coordinate as necessary.
  2. You will be charged leave for early arrival unless it has been previously requested through your servicing Military Personnel Section (i.e. on your orders) and approved by the Air Force Element.
  3. You cannot claim TLE for a day that you are on leave. For example, If you arrive in the area the week prior to your report week and are staying in billeting, you will NOT be able to claim those nights in billeting as TLE (i.e., you will NOT be reimbursed) because you are on leave.

AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3424, DSN: 552-3424
E-mail: The Air Force Element