How TMD helps the Army

Manage Training and Education Development (Training Development Division)

  • TMD 1Lead TRADOC's training development workload projections in support of the Program Objective Memorandum build.
  • TRADOC lead for Training Development Policy.
  • Serve as the functional lead of the Training Development Capability. Review Mandatory training implementation throughout TRADOC.
  • Provide analysis on all estimated time values and descriptions of work.
  • Support quality assurance accreditation of Training and Education Development Standards for TRADOC Schools and Centers of Excellence.
  • Analyze, evaluate and provide recommendations for the approval of institutional Individual Training Plans, Programs of Instruction, Course Administrative Data, Training Support Packages and Lesson Plans.

Enable training management and product delivery (Training Doctrine Management Division)

  • Publish and sustain ADP and ADRP 7-0 Training Units and Developing Leaders.
  • Manage the Army Training Management System, including the Digital Training Management System (DTMS), Army Training Network (ATN) and Combined Arms Training Strategies (CATS).
  • Develop and evolve DTMS to meet active and reserve requirements.
  • Ensure training best practices, techniques and procedures are relevant, current and accessible via ATN.
  • Develop and sustain Unit and Functional CATS.
  • Provide Unit and Soldier DTMS training.
  • Lead the Army's Mission Essential Task List (METL) effort, readiness assessment and Army METL Review Board.
  • Align Joint and Army service tasks.
  • HQDA's representative for the Universal Joint Task List User Advisory Group.

Develop training and education concepts

  • Lead TRADOC's effort in writing and sustaining the Army Learning Concept for Training and Education.
  • Develop and maintain Warrior Training Support Packages with multiple current scenarios for units and Mission Training Centers to use during collective battle staff training.
  • In coordination with the HQDA maintain the Home Station Training Master Plan.
  • Provide Home Station and Deployed Council of Colonel support.

Training Capabilities Division