Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) Degree

Earn an accredited Master’s degree in your professional field of interest. For detailed information, read our MMAS Information Handout.

The U.S. Army Command and General Staff College grants the MMAS degree based upon the candidate’s successful completion of the Command and General Staff School Intermediate Level Education course, an oral comprehensive exam, and a 50-125 page thesis based on original research. (The MMAS is also granted for Completion of the School of Advanced Military Studies course, an oral comprehensive exam, and a 40-60 page monograph based on original research.)

The Master of Military Art and Science degree program offers you the opportunity to develop your research and writing skills through advanced study of the profession of arms. Every completed thesis or monograph is published electronically by the Combined Arms Research Library, and several thousand readers, some of them senior military leaders, refer to the archive every year. The potential for recognition of your work by peers and superior officers is high.

  • MMAS work is seamlessly integrated into CGSOC and can be used in partial fulfillment (4 of 8) of your elective requirement.
  • Because the MMAS is a CGSC program, there is no tuition.
  • All classes fit within the CGSOC class schedule on weekday afternoons.
  • You can write the thesis on a topic that you believe is professionally important and of general military interest.

Summary of Degree Requirements: The successful candidate must:

  1. Have earned an accredited Bachelor's degree or the equivalent.
  2. Submit an application for admission to the program, have official transcripts sent from the institution that granted the Bachelor’s degree, and be accepted into the program by the Director, Graduate Degree programs.
  3. Complete CGSOC and assigned electives with grades of "B" or better.
  4. Successfully complete A211 Basic Research Methods, A221 Thesis Seminar, and A231 Thesis.  These count as four of the eight electives required in the CGSS program.
  5. Successfully complete the Oral Comprehensive Exam
  6. Complete and successfully defend a 50-125 page thesis.

For further information, come by the GDP offices in Lewis & Clark Room 4508, view our detailed MMAS Information Handout, or call 913-684-2460.