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1300 - 1500 (CST) Monday, Dec. 14 in the Arnold Conference Room

Dr. Robert Braumann, Director, CGSC MMAS; Mr. Gustav Otto, CGSC Defense Intelligence Chair, Defense Intelligence Agency; Mr. Gary Hobin, Department of Join, Interagency and Multinational Operations(DJIMO); and Dr. Mahir Ibrahimov, Program Manager, Language, Regional Expertise and Culture Management Office (LRECMO) will lead the discussion.

For more information contact the CAC LRECMO Program Manager at 913-684-3345.

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Col. Hank Arnold, Director, School for Advanced Military Studies and Dr. Barry Stentiford (Lt. Col., Army Reserve), SAMS Professor, show the Freedom Award that was presented to SAMS by the Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve in recognition of SAMS support for Stentiford during recent deployments and Army Reserve responsibilities. Stentiford is the S-3, Operations Officer, for the 209th Regional Support Command. They are accompanied by Diane B. Boeger, Chairman, Kansas ESGR Greater Kansas City Area and Alan Barrett, ESGR awards chairman. ...Read More
Command and General Staff College faculty, Dr. Dave Anderson, Lt. Col. Anne Reiffenstein, Dr. Geoff Babb, Mr. James Cricks, Dr. Rich Berkebile, Maj. Ken Rich (PhD), Mr. Kurt Vandersteen, and Dr. Phil Pattee, attended the 2015 International Biennial Conference of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society. The college's Department of Joint, Interagency and Multinational Operations hosted two panels during this conference where presenters provided summaries, analyses, and common themes/issues of their scholarly research, and raised critical points and questions to stimulate discussion among attendees. The panelists from DJIMO focused their comments on the newest publication of the US Army Command and General Staff College Press "Through the Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Lens". ...Read More

This publication provides a comprehensive guide for staff rides to the battlefields of late 1814 and early 1815 in the New Orleans region. The handbook offers detailed routes to important points on the battlefields as well as narratives of the actions at those sites. This work is ideal for those interested in using history to impart enduring lessons about tactics, logistics, and leadership in combat. Click here to download the handbook.

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New Interactive iBook from CSI Press

The Wanat iBook is an enhanced version of the well-known study of the battle that took place in Afghanistan in 2008. 3D terrain views, video from both US and Insurgent perspectives, infographics, and other multimedia elements make the story of the battle more understandable and poignant. To access your free download of this book for iPad, click here.

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Through the Joint, Interagency, and Multinational Lens is the newest publication of the US Army Command and General Staff College Press. In this anthology, a select group of CGSC professors offers the latest thought on how the current operational environment is shaping national power, joint planning, multinational operations, and other dimensions of geopolitics. To download this publication, go to: More