CGSC Student Achievement

CGSC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) to grant the Master of Military Arts and Sciences (MMAS) to qualified graduates of the Command and General Staff Officers' Course (CGSOC), Advanced Military Studies Program (AMSP), and Advanced Strategic Leadership Studies Program (ASLSP). Additionally, HLC accredits two graduate certificate programs: CGSOC's Common Core and CGSOC's Advanced Operations Course.

As a member institution of the Higher Learning Commission, CGSC is fully committed to transparency in reporting student achievement to internal and external stakeholders. What follow are retention rates, completion rates, and graduate placement rates for those CGSC graduate-level programs with the authority to grant a masters degree or certificate.

FY 2014 (1 Oct 13-31 Sep 14) Enrollment Course / Program
Retention Rate
Course / Program
Completion Rate
Graduate Placement Rate
(1) CGSC Master in Military Arts and
Sciences (MMAS) Degree Program
404 82.1% 82.1% 100%
(2) CGSC Certificate Programs
(a) CGSOC Common Core (CC)
6,080 76% 76% 100%
(b) CGSOC Advanced Operations Course (AOC)
1,778 87.2% 87.3% 100%

Explanation for these relatively high retention, completion, and placement percentages:

  • Students from the Armed Services and U.S. governmental agencies attend CGSC courses as part of their natural career progression. CGSC does not recruit students, accept Title IV financial aid, or market its programs.
  • Students pay no tuition and receive full salaries for their government service (benefits included).
  • CGSC graduate degree and graduate-level certificate programs are 10-18 months in duration. CGSC enrolls students for the full length of their respective programs. Consequently, retention and completion rates tend to be the same.
  • All graduates are assigned to positions upon CGSC course completion based on the requirements of their Armed Service or government agency.

Point of Contact for this information is Office of the Registrar, U.S. Army Command and General Staff College, Lewis and Clark Center, Room 4502, 100 Stimson Avenue, Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027.