Doctrine support to the Columbian Army through ARSOUTH

As part of the Army’s ongoing doctrine support to the Columbian Army (through ARSOUTH), Jim Benn (left), Deputy Director of the Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD), and Carlos Soto (second from right), Army Terminologist and Symbologist (CADD), met November 4-18 with 90 Colombian officers and non-commissioned officers who will be the primary authors of the 57 Field Manuals the Columbian Army will produce. On the final day of the exchange, in recognition of their work, GEN Alberto Mejia, Chief of Staff of the Colombian Army (second from left), and Colonel Jaime Alonzo (right), Director, Columbian Army Center of Doctrine and Education, presented Mr. Benn and Mr. Soto with plaques designating them as honorary members of the Army Staff. Additionally, copies of their portraits will be placed permanently in the HQ of the Colombian Center for Education and Doctrine. Finally, GEN Mejia announced the creation of an annual award for their best doctrine writer. The award is called the Benn and Soto award for excellence in doctrine development.