ADRP 3-0 Operations, 11 NOV 16

Friday, November 11, 2016

ADRP 3-0 augments the land operations doctrine established in ADP 3-0, Operations. This publication expands the discussion of the overarching guidance on unified land operations. It accounts for the uncertain and ever-changing nature of operations and recognizes that a military operation is foremost a human undertaking. It constitutes the Army’s view of how to conduct prompt and sustained operations on land and sets the foundation for developing the other principles, tactics, techniques, and procedures detailed in subordinate doctrine publications. Combined with ADP 3-0, the doctrine in ADRP 3-0 provides the foundation for the Army’s operational concept of unified land operations. This publication also forms the foundation for training and Army education system curricula on unified land operations. The principal audience for ADRP 3-0 is all members of the Profession of Arms. Commanders and staffs of Army headquarters serving as joint task force or multinational headquarters should also refer to applicable joint or multinational doctrine concerning the range of military operations and joint or multinational forces. Trainers and educators throughout the Army will also use this publication.

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