Staff Rides

Field Staff Ride Offerings

A* American Civil War
A1: Charleston (1861-1865)
A2: 1st Bull Run (1861)
A3: Wilson Creek (1861)
A4: Valverde (1862)
A5: Glorieta (1862)
A6: Antietam (1862)
A7: Fredericksburg (1862)
A8: Shiloh (1862)
A9: Peninsula (1862)
A10: Pea Ridge (1862)
A11: Mosby's Confederacy
A12: Vicksburg (1863)
A13: Gettysburg (1863)
A14: Honey Springs (1863)
A15: Chancellorsville (1863)
A16: Tullahoma (1863)
A17: Chickamauga (1863)
A18: Overland (1864) *
A19: Petersburg (1864)
A20: Atlanta (1864) **
A21: Westport (1864)
A22: Mine Creek (1864)
A23: Bentonville (1864)
A24: Appomattox (1865)
A25: Wilmington (1865)
R* American Revolution
R1: Philadelphia (1777-78) *****
R2: Charleston(1776,1779,1780)
R3: Cowpens (1781)
R4: Guilford Courthouse (1781)
R5: Yorktown (1781)
R6: King's Mountain (1780)

I* Indian Wars
I1: Hancock's War (1867)
I2: Cheyenne War (1868)
I3: Sioux Wars (1866-1876) ***
I4: Nez Perce (1877)****
I5: Black Hawk War (1832)

O* Others
O1: Lewis and Clark (1804-1805)
O2: New Orleans (1815)
O3: Columbus, NM (1916)
O4: San Francisco and Homeland Defense (1769-today)
O5: Pearl Harbor and Homeland Defense (1941)
O6: Texas War of Independence (1836)
O7: San Pasqual (1846)
Normandy (1944)
Battle of the Bulge (1944-45)
* Overland Campaign includes: Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Yellow Tavern, North Anna, Haw’s Shop, and Cold Harbor.
** Atlanta includes: Rocky Face, Dug Gap, Resaca, Cassville, New Hope Church, Pickett’s Mill, Pine Mtn, Kennesaw, Pigeon Hill, Cheatham Hill
*** Sioux Wars includes: Fetterman Fight, Wagon Box Fight, Rosebud, and Little Bighorn
**** Nez Perce includes: White Bird Canyon, Cottonwood, Looking Glass Fight, and Clearwater
***** Philadelphia Campaign includes: Brandywine, Paoli, Fort Mifflin, Red Bank, and Valley Forge

Virtual Staff Ride Offerings

Operation Anaconda (2001), Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003-05), Wanat (2008), Fallujah (2004)

Staff Ride Handbooks

Staff Ride Handbook for the Attack on Pearl Harbor Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Chickamauga Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Perryville Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Shiloh Staff Ride Handbook for the Overland Campaign Staff Ride Handbook for The Vicksburg Campaign
Atlas of the Sioux Wars, 2nd ed. Cheyenne Wars Atlas The Corps of Discovery: Staff Ride Handbook for the Lewis and Clark Expedition Into the Unknown: Logistics Preparation for Lewis and Clark The Cowpens Staff Ride and Battlefield Tour The Wilson's Creek Staff Ride To Compel with Armed Force: Staff Ride Handbook for the Battle of Tippecanoe

Staff Ride Resources

The Staff Ride A Guide to Planning and Conducting Unit-level Staff Rides Virtual Staff Ride (VSR) Overview

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