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Retired 1985 - 1990

FOLDER A: Retired 1985 - 1990 (01_Retired_85_90)

PORTFOLIO A: President’s Commission on Organized Crime 1985-1986 (01_85_CommissionOrgCrime)

AMERICA’S HABIT: Drug Abuse, Drug Trafficking, and Organized Crime

“Military Instruments of Containment.”

Low Intensity Conflict: American Dilemma

Joint Service: Plans and Operations. The IRA C. Eaker Distinguished Lecture on National Defense Policy

Joint Service: Plans and Operations. Remarks to Professional Development Conference

Educational Technology: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The Leadership Implications of Joint Service

Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence: USCINCSO’s Perspective

PORTFOLIO B: Packard Commission Report (07_86_PackardCommission_FinalReport)

Final Report of the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management

Appendix to Final Report by the President’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Defense Management (Unavailable pending receipt of permission from copyright holder)

NDU Conference on U.S. Strategic Failures

Strategic Failures: Presented to the National Strategy Workshop, National Defense University

Instrumented Tactical Exercise without Troops for Airland Battle

Communications for Coherence and Cohesion in Army Training

Visual System Technology Applications for Improved Training/Simulations

Partial Guest List and Bios, The Business Council

Letter/Memorandum for Carl Vuono, Commander Training and Doctrine Command

Defining a Long Term U.S. Strategy For The Caribbean Region

Advice to the Services

Foreword to Dan Bolger’s Dragons at War

“Educational Technology: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow.”

Letter to Colonel John W. Arrington, former G3 Ops 8th ID

National Strategy and Low Intensity Conflict

Statement of General Paul F. Gorman, United States Army (Retired), Chairman, Regional Conflict Working Group, Commission of Integrated Long-Term Strategy

Testimony of 28 January toward a National Strategy for Central America

Low Intensity Conflict and the Central American Question

National Resources for Conflict Short of Declared War

The Workshop on Foreign Military Leadership

PORTFOLIO C: Integrated Long Term Strategy Commission (26_88_IntegratedLongTermStrategy_Commission)

Discriminate Deterrence

Commitment to Freedom

Supporting U.S. Strategy for Third World Conflict

Statement of General Paul Gorman (Ret.) to Senator Kerry, for the subcommittee on International Narcotics Trafficking

Testimony before House of Representatives, Committee on Armed Services, Military Education Panel

Technological Alternatives to Bases Overseas (TABO)

The Military Instrument

“Preparing For Low-Intensity Conflict: Four Fundamentals

The World in the Year 2000

Toward Legitimacy: Building Government Legitimacy Amid Conflict

“Forces for Projecting America’s Power”

“Commander and Command Surgeon”

“A Situation Short of War. Central America, 1983-1985”

Medical Implications of Super-Troop/I-Port TECHNOLOGY (Unavailable pending receipt of permission from copyright holder)

Supertroop via I-PORT: Distributed Simulation Technology for Combat Development and Training

The Military Value of Training

PORTFOLIO D: Army War College Oral History (39_90_AWCOralHist_Dec)

Interview USAWC/USAMHI Senior Officer Oral History Program

Folder: Reddygrams (01_Reddygrams) Miscellaneous communications from LTC Reddy to General Gorman.

01_90_Reddy_22Dec.pdf 02_90_Reddy_23Dec.pdf 03_91_Reddygram_8Jan.pdf
04_91_Reddygram_8Jan.pdf 05_91_AWC_12Mar.pdf 06_91_RR_26Mar.pdf

LTC Reddy and General Gorman discuss Vietnam


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