Division Command 1977 - 1979

Training Mission

Infantry for Battle in Europe

PORTFOLIO A: 2 Photos of Cardinal Point I (03_78_CardinalPoint_I)

Deployed forces

Division Command Post

OER, Division command

PORTFOLIO B: Cardinal Point II (04_78_CardinalPoint_II)

CARDINAL POINT II: Plan for event at Cardinal Point II

CARDINAL POINT II: Excerpt from Report of Division Commander

Remarks by MG P.F. GORMAN to Officers of the 4TH Brigade, 4TH Infantry Division

Remarks to NCO’S of the 4-4TH BRIGADE

8th Infantry Division: Winning the Cold

Terrain Reinforcement

Notice in German paper of General Gorman’s appointment to CIA

PORTFOLIO C: Papers associated with review of Philip Caputo’s A Rumor of War. (09_77_CaputoBook)

A Rumor of War, by Philip Caputo

Handwritten Note from Martin Blumenson, on review of Caputo’s book

Draft of review of Caputo’s Rumor of War

See Also (Referenced in Folder: 04_DivCmd_1977_79)
Paper Title (Hyperlinked) Location
03_80_BalkMellenthin_OnTactics_May.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/03_J5_1980-81
04_80_TngTechModern_Jun.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/03_J5_1980-81
07_80_CPNotPlace_15Sep.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/03_J5_1980-81
12_81_C3I_CanadianStfColl_17Feb.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/03_J5_1980-81
01_81_NC_BedrockMobilization_Mar.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/04_AssistantToChairmanJCS_1981_83
11_82_EngrConf_CombArmsTng_4DEc.pdf 05_Joint_1979_85/04_AssistantToChairmanJCS_1981_83
19_87_FTX_CP_Jan.pdf 06_Retired/01_Retired_1985_90


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