DCST 1973 - 1977

TRADOC Training

The Infantry Officer Advanced Course: A Case for Reform

EPMS Presentation

Concepts for the Army Training Tests (later ARTEP)

How to Win Outnumbered

Infantry in Mid-Intensity Battle DCSTS

Extract of Presentation at SGM Academy

ORSA & Training: The Systems Approach


The Metascope Story

The Challenge of Army Training

Instructional Manager’s Seminar

Report of Trip to Iran 3-10 October 1975

Training Management Army War College Class 76

“Real” Readiness

Training Support for Reserve Components

Armor Officer Advanced Course

Engagement Simulation Presentation

Front page of FM 100-5 signed by General DePuy

Armed Forces Staff College

CENTO Seminar

US Army Training and the Law

Teaching Training Management in Resident Courses

Toward a Combined Arms Training Center (Speech)

Toward a Combined Arms Training Center (Draft)

Toward a Combined Arms Training Center. DCST

The Exercise of Command is Training Management

Training Effectiveness: Analysis of Weapons and Ammunition

MOS Training Package

“Training the Total Army”, The Posture Statement of the Chief of Staff of the Army

Trends in the Army’s Training System

Vietnam and After: The U.S. Army, 1976

Senior Manager’s Workshop - “The Army Training System”

The Army Training System

Training Developments: CRI (Criterion Referenced Instruction) and OE (Organizational Effectiveness)

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14_86_ThoughtsTraining_11Nov.pdf 06_Retired/01_Retired_1985_90
01_91_SynthesizedEnvironment_3Mar.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
03_91_Notes_FutureOfTES_22Jul.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
05_91_73EastingConference_Oct.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
06_92_SecretFutureVictories_Feb.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
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09_92_MurthaBriefing_Jul.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
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24_98_InfSitAwareness_Sep.pdf 06_Retired/02_Retired_1991-99
10_04_ReadinessRestored_Oct.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10
12_07_Learning_9Jan.pdf 06_Retired/03_Retired_2000_10


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