TRADOC Commander Foreword
This electronic archive is part of an effort to gather papers from important and influential leaders, whose practical and conceptual work shaped the Army in profound ways and delivered a modern effective fighting force to the nation. Their work is enduring. The principles of leadership and management they applied are timeless. It is appropriate that we should capture the artifacts of their work, study them, and apply what we learn in pursuit of similar challenges facing our Army today. (read more....)

This archive was created at the direction of the Commander, Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC), as part of an effort to preserve the legacy of TRADOC’s founding leaders at a time when many of the challenges the founders faced are again confronting an Army emerging from a long war in a period of financial stringency and technological change. (read more....)

Important Documents
Gorman Summa: Militaria
Gorman Summa: Strategica
Gorman Summa: Disciplina

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