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  Monograph Honors Nominees for AY 2009-01  
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  Seminar 1  
  (Sem 1) Major Robert A.  Murphy “Russia and Beyond – a Case for European Missile Defense.”  
  (Sem 1) Major Sean McWilliams, “Hybrid War beyond Lebanon: Lessons from the South African Campaign, 1976 to 1989  
  (Sem 1) Major Mark B. Sherkey, “Strong Horses—Systems Thinking—Strategic Communications”  
  (Sem 1) Major Scott Thomas, “Operational Encirclements: Can the U. S. Military Decisively Follow Through?”  
  (Sem 1) Major Derek Jones. "Understanding the Form, Function, and Logic of Clandestine Cellular Networks: the First Step in Counter-Network Operations."  
  (Sem 1) LTC Dan Lasica "Hybrid Warfare: Strategic Implications"  
  Seminar 2  
  (Sem 2) Major Mark Coble. “National Guard Intelligence Support to Domestic Operations.”  
  (Sem 2) Major Matthew J. Konz, “Operational Employment of the Airborne Combat Team: The 503d Parachute Infantry Regiment as a Case Study.”  
  (Sem 2) Major Glenn E. Kozelka. “Boots on the Ground: A Historical and Contemporary Analysis of Force Levels for Counterinsurgency Operations.”  
  (Sem 2) Major Jon Baker. Effective Multinational C2: Five Essential Variables."  
  (Sem 2) Major Eric Beaty. “Effects of Operational and Strategic Pauses on Mission Success”  
  Seminar 3  
  (Sem 3) Major Craig Colucci.  "Information Operations a Success: Colombia."  
  (Sem 3) Major Dave Doyle. “Interagency Cooperation for Irregular Warfare at the Combatant Command”  
  (Sem 3) Major Thomas Wilson. “Extending the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front: A Catalyst for Peace”  
  Seminar 4  
  (Sem 4) Major Joseph E. Escandon, “Bush War: The Use of Surrogates in Southern Africa (1975-1989).”  
  (Sem 4) Major Joseph Troy Morgan. “Joint Force Decisions and the Development of Trends in the Middle East.”  
  Seminar 5  
  (Sem 5) Major Chris Smith. “Network-Centric Warfare and the Nature of Command.”  
  (Sem 5) Major Mark Berry. “PSYOP and the Information Age: Assessing US Army employment of Psychological Operations in the Contemporary Operating Environment.”  
  (Sem 5) LTC Pat Howell. “Unraveling CORDS: Lessons Learned from a Joint Inter-Agency Task Force (JIATF).”  
  Seminar 6  
  (Sem 6) Major Paul N. Maddoloni. “An Analysis of the FARC in Colombia: Breaking the Frame of FM 3-24”  
  (Sem 6) Major Alexander Bullock. "Engineering Design Theory: Applying the Success of the Modern World to Campaign Creation"  
  (ASLSP) Colonel Robert Haycock. "PTSD and the Battalion Commander."  
  (ASLSP) Colonel Philip Mead.  Integrating Non-lethal effects into the operations Process."  
Monograph Honors Nominees for AY 2009-01

Last Reviewed: June 17, 2013

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