Command and General Staff School

Six departments compose CGSS. These departments are as follows

Department of Army Tactics (DTAC)

The DTAC provides a program of instruction throughout the Army that grows leaders to plan, execute, and command in full spectrum and combined arms operations for a campaign-quality Army with joint and expeditionary capabilities. The DTAC is responsible for the curriculum development of C400, Tactical Studies, of the CGSOC Common Core. In addition, DTAC develops the curriculum for two blocks in AOWC: W200, Warfighting at the Division Level, and W300, Brigade Combat Team.


Department  of Command and Leadership (DCL)

The DCL educates and develops CGSOC officers in the ever-demanding art and science of organizational-level leadership, and develops resident and non-resident curriculum to challenge and educate officers in the numerous and demanding aspects of organizational –level leadership. DCL develops curriculum for two blocks in CGSOC Common Core: C100, Foundations, and L100, Forging Success in Uncertain Times. In AOWC, DCL offers a full range of elective offerings supporting and enhancing L100 and provides leadership and administration within the College for language and media instruction.


Department of Distance Education (DDE)

The DDE manages programs that develop leaders prepared to execute full-spectrum joint, interagency, and multinational operations through non-traditional means. The DDE manages, distributes, and administers  The Army School System (TASS)  Reserve School Course and the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Course.


Department Of Joint, Interagency And Multinational Operations (DJIMO)

The DJIMO develops curriculum designed to educate officers in the planning and execution of joint, multinational, and interagency operations during peace, conflict, and war, with emphasis at  the operational level of war.  The DJIMO is responsible for C200, Strategic Studies, and C300, Operational Studies in the CGSOC common core.  In AOWC, DJIMO is responsible for W100, C/JFLCC Operations.  Unique to DJIMO are the two specialty tracks for which they have responsibility:  Joint Advanced Warfighting Studies and Special Operations Forces.


Department Of Logistics And Resource Operations (DLRO)

The DLRO educates, trains, and develops officers in the art and science of resource management, management science, force management, and acquisition support for military operations across the full spectrum of operations.  The DLRO develops the curriculum for F100, Force Management, in the CGSOC Common Core.


Department of Military History (DMH)

The DMH educates students in critical thinking skills and equips them with historical perspectives that make them better prepared to achieve the nation’s objectives in war and peace.  The DMH develops the curriculum for H100, Rise of the Western Way of War, in the CGSOC Common Core, In AOWC, DMH develops the curriculum for H200, Military Innovation in the Interwar Period, and H300, The Roots of the Contemporary Operational Environment (COE).


Last Reviewed: November 1, 2012

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