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Combined Arms Research Library

History of Army Officer Education: Documents and Reports

Major Army Studies

The Following studies are in chronological order. When possible, full text links are provided. Many of the links are to large files.

Report of War Department Military Education Board on Educational System for Officers of the Army (Gerow Board) - (1946)


Report of the Department of the Army Board on Educational System for Officers (Eddy Board) - (1949) Downloaded from MHI's Army Heritage Online Collection


Report of the Department of the Army Officer Education and Training Review Board (Williams Board) - (1958)


Report of the Department of the Army Board to Review of Army Officer Schools (Haines Board)

Haines Board -- Volume 1. Summary and Recommendations (1966)

Haines Board -- Volume 2. Description of Current Educational and Training Systems (1966)

Haines Board -- Volume 3. Analysis of Current Army System of Officer Schooling (1966)

Haines Board -- Volume 4. Glossary, Index, Distribution (1966)

Haines Board -- Record of Completed Actions (1970)


Study on Military Professionalism (1970)


Department of the Army Ad Hoc Committee Report on the Army Need for the Study of Military History

Volume I. Report and Recommendations (1971)

Volume II. Annexes A-B, D-H (1971)

Volume III. Annexes I-N (1971)

Volume IV. Annex C (1971)


Review of Army Officer Education Systems (Norris Review)

Norris Review -- Volume 1. Summary Report (1971)

Norris Review -- Volume 2. Full Report, and Annexes B, C (1971)

Norris Review -- Volume 3. Annex A - Good Programs (1971)


Leadership for the 1970's (Army War College)

Leadership for the 1970's (July, 1971)

Leadership for the 1970's (October, 1971)

Leadership for the 1970's. Consolidated Army War College Leadership Monograph Series 1 - 5 (1975)


Review of Education and Training for Officers (RETO or Harrison Board)

RETO -- Volume 1. An Overview (1978)

RETO -- Volume 2. Career Progression (1978)

RETO -- Volume 3. The Data Base (1978)

RETO -- Volume 4. Rank- Independent Issue (1978)

RETO -- Volume 5. Special Groups (1978)


Final Report: Army Staff College Level Training Study

Final Report: Army Staff College Level Training Study (1983) -- by COL Huba Wass de Czege. Annex F of this report, "CGSC Advanced Studies Program", provided the framework for the creation of the School of Advanced Military Studies.


Professional Development of Officers Study (PDOS)

PDOS -- Volume 1: February 1985 (1985)

PDOS -- Volume 2: Implementation Plan (1985)

PDOS -- Volume 3: Systems Wide Issues (1985)

PDOS -- Volume 4: Development Periods (1985)

PDOS -- Volume 5: Policy Impact Analysis (1985)

PDOS -- Volume 6: Survey (1985)

Total Warrant Officer System (TWOS). Volume 1 (1985)

Gender Analysis of the Professional Development of Officers Study (PDOS) Survey, Army Research Institute. (1985)


Leader Development Study (MG Gordon R. Sullivan)

Leader Development Study (1987) -- ADB310149

Leader Development Action Plan (1988) -- ADB154351


Officer Personnel Management System XXI Task Force (OPMS XXI) (1997)


The Army Training and Leader Development Panel Report (ATLDP)

ATLDP Report (NCO) (2002)

ATLDPPhase III: Warrant Officer Study (2002)

ATLDP Officer Study Report (2003)

ATLDP Phase IV: Civilian Study (2003)


Leadership Lessons at Division Command Level - 2004 (Army War College, Ulmer Report)

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Last Reviewed: June 11, 2012

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