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Two groups of students attend the course concurrently. A small group starts in January, and a larger group starts in the summer. This enables us to promote a "senior class/junior class" relationship among the two groups of students. The senior class will be a great source of "insider" information for you, especially during the first few months.


Course Dates for Winter Class 14-02:
AF PREP COURSE - 07 JAN 2014 – 21 JAN 2014
P930 COURSE - 22 JAN 2014 – 03 FEB 2014
Opening Ceremony - 10 FEB 2014
Fall Break - To be determined
Graduation Date - 12 DEC 2014


Reporting Dates for Summer Class 15-01:
NET 22 JUN 2014
NLT 27 JUN 2014


P930 Course - To be determined

Opening Ceremony - 10 AUG 2014

Fall Break - To be determined

Graduation Date - 12 JUN 2015


Reporting Dates for Winter Class 15-02:
NET 29 DEC 2014
NLT 2 JAN 2015


P930 Course - To be determined

Opening Ceremony - 9 FEB 2015

Fall Break - To be determined

Graduation Date - 11 DEC 2015


If you need to arrive prior to the NET date, you must coordinate your request with your servicing Personnel Flight and get approval from the Air Force Element Director (forward requests through the AFELM admin). Typically, early reporting is reserved for students arriving from overseas locations or with other extenuating circumstances; however, all requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.


Two important notes:
1) TLF and/or post housing may not be available for early arrivals—coordinate as necessary.
2) You will be charged leave for early arrival unless it has been previously requested through your servicing personnel flight (i.e. on your orders) and approved by the Air Force Element.


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The AF Element duty section is located in the Lewis & Clark Center, suite 3521. Report here when you arrive. Normal duty hours are Mon-Fri, 0730-1630. Initial check-in is brief; 20 minutes or so to provide us your contact information and then you’ll be on your way.  Uniform for this required check-in is ABU or flight suit.  Bring the entire package you received when you out-processed from your previous station.  Our admin will break out what we need and give you back the rest for later in-processing.

TLF and/or post housing may not be available for early arrivals – coordinate as necessary.

You will be charged leave for early arrival unless it has been previously requested through your servicing personnel flight [i.e. on your orders] and approved by the Air Force Element.


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Fort Leavenworth Army Lodging:

Hoge Barracks [IHG Army Hotel]
214 Grant Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, KS  66027
COMM (913) 684-4091
TOLL FREE (800) 854-8627
~no DSN line available~


If you would like to reserve a room on-post prior to your arrival, contact Hoge Barracks. TLFs fill up quickly, so make your reservations as soon as possible. For off-post accommodations, there are a few hotels in Leavenworth/Lansing, and a number of larger hotels near Kansas City International Airport, about 20 minutes away.


Fort Leavenworth post office general delivery address is:
Rank Name
General Delivery
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027


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On-Post Options


Fort Leavenworth on-post housing is privatized and managed by a contractor.


Frontier Heritage Communities, LLC
549 Kearney Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, KS  66027
COMM: (913) 682-6300
Fax: (913) 682-6394
~no DSN line available~


Family and geo-bachelor housing options are available. If you are interested, contact the housing office as early as possible to apply.


Many of the units available to students have been renovated or are brand-new.  The older or historic models offer closer proximity to the Lewis & Clark Center where CGSC is held. 


The senior class graduates only a couple of weeks before you arrive.  Many homes on-post may not become available until that time or later—plan accordingly. 


Word to the wise: you will receive BAH even though you live on-post, but the privatized housing company will automatically deduct it from your pay—after the paperwork is processed.  You will need to pay the first month’s rent when you sign for your house.  Bring your checkbook.


Off-Post Options


If you choose to live off post, an early house-hunting online search and/or trip is strongly recommended.


Locations in which CGSC students commonly live are: Leavenworth, KS; Lansing, KS; Platte City, MO; and Weston, MO.


Some students choose to live in Kansas City, MO or Overland Park, KS; however a longer commute and winter weather issues are particular considerations when choosing to live in these areas.


Fort Leavenworth has a housing office that can assist with your off-post search. It is located in the same building as on-post privatized housing.
549 Kearney Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, KS  66027
COMM (913) 684-5686 or (913) 684-3052


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Fort Leavenworth has three elementary schools and one junior high school on-post. They fall under the Leavenworth public schools district #207; they are not DoD schools.


For enrollment information:


For the off-post (City of Leavenworth and Lansing) school districts, the links are: and


For additional assistance, Fort Leavenworth has a School Liaison Officer to assist your family through school transitions: 913-684-1655,


Fort Leavenworth Child, Youth & School Services [CYS] offers a pre-school & pre-kindergarten program on a September – May calendar. Space is limited and offered on a first come, first served basis off of a waitlist. Recommended that you call ahead to be on the waitlist prior to your PCS. Contact the "Parent Central" office for further details. COMM (913) 684-5135/5137/5138,


Your family will find a large variety of activities for children through Fort Leavenworth Family & MWR. For CYS summer camps, youth sports and other activities, you may contact "Parent Central" in advance of your PCS or upon your arrival.
COMM (913) 684-5135/5137/5138,


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If you have extenuating medical circumstances or need special arrangements for yourself or a family member, please coordinate with the AFELM Deputy Director.


If you are due for routine medical or dental exams, make every effort to complete prior to your arrival.


Flight Physicals & Flight Records:


There is an Army flight surgeon on-post; however, AF flight physicals are completed at Whiteman AFB which is two hours away. For those of you on flight status, you should hand-carry a copy of your form 1042. During the prep course, HARM office representatives from Whiteman AFB will be at Fort Leavenworth to collect hand carried records. For Flight Physicals, if you are coming due try to accomplish prior to your arrival.


Medical Records:


Your medical records will be kept at Fort Leavenworth Munson Army Health Center. If you travel to Whiteman AFB for a flight physical, you will need to check-out and check-in your medical records at Munson.


If you hand-carry your medical records as you PCS to Fort Leavenworth, you may drop the records off at the Medical Records Office at Munson. If your medical records are mailed by your losing unit, it is a good idea to double check receipt with the Medical Records office.


Munson Army Health Center
550 Pope Avenue, Bldg 343
Fort Leavenworth, KS 66027
COMM (913) 684-6000


Family Matters:


Expecting mothers should check-in with the Fort Leavenworth Munson Army Health Center for obstetric referrals. Fort Leavenworth does not have hospital facilities for maternity. There are two hospitals in the local Leavenworth area and a plethora of hospitals in the Kansas City area, as close as 30 minutes away.  Most of the OB/GYN doctors in Leavenworth/Lansing also practice at one or more hospitals in the Kansas City vicinity. 


If you have dependents enrolled in the Exceptional Family Member Program (EFMP), it’s a great idea to contact your base TRICARE office to begin the mandatory paperwork shuffle between the Air Force and Army EFMP offices. 


Note:  The Army and the Air Force have different PCS rules governing EFMP cases, so start sorting out the requirements now.  TRICARE enrollees in previous classes have experienced a relatively seamless transition.


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Employment Readiness (spouse)

The Army Community Service, Resiliency Center, [equivalent to AF Family Support] can assist spouses with employment transition assistance. Please contact 684-2800.

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New students will be required to complete a number of items prior to arrival and others prior to the start of the CGSOC Preparatory Course (P930)



Army Knowledge Online (AKO) is the Army's equivalent of our Air Force portal. You will be required to have an AKO account prior to arriving at CGSC. In order to set up your AKO account you will need an Army Sponsor. AFELM currently does not have the ability to sponsor inbound students. We are working this issue and as soon as we have a fix for this issue inbound students will be notified.

The CGSC private site requires an AKO account. Here are the steps for getting an AKO login:

  1. Browse to the main AKO site via the following link:
  2. Select "Register for AKO"
  3. Select "Create Joint Account"
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions
  5. You must use your legal name, or a form of it (i.e. Rob for Robert). No nicknames or call signs.
  6. As DKO/AKO is changing some students are asked for an Army sponsor. The Element will supply you with a Sponsor in the run up to your arrival once attendance rolls have been confirmed.


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Before departing your current duty station, ensure the email address on your CAC reflects [i.e. your USAF email for life address]. Otherwise, information populated on the Fort Leavenworth global will reflect an email address from the base you just departed. CGSC staff/instructors who try to email you through that global will be unable to reach you.

We do not operate on an Air Force system here at CGSC. The personnel office on-post is unable to make this change since your CAC is an "Air Force-coded CAC"; so it is imperative you have this change made at your current base (otherwise you may have to make a trip to Whiteman AFB, 2 hours away). Please do your best to adhere.


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The AFELM Director requests all students complete an AF Bio and have an official photo taken (service dress, seated US Flag background and full length white background) prior to arrival. The purpose of the BIO and official photo is to prepare you for an expected number of job opportunities (to be announced by AFPC), during the course of your academic year. Email the AF Prep Course POC a copy of your official AF bio with inset seated photo.


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If you are in an SCI billet, you cannot transfer in status. TS or SCI is required for a very limited number of our electives, but you will need to have at least a current Secret clearance for some of the core classes. Check with your current security manager to see if your current clearance is expiring soon. If so, complete the required paperwork before you report to CGSC.

Please do not send any classified material here. We do not have classified storage capability. CGSC may actually have the documents you need in the Combined Arms Research Library. If you have any additional security clearance questions, call the AFELM NCOIC at DSN 552-3424 or COMM (913) 684-3424.


CGSC may actually have the documents you need in the Combined Arms Research Library. 


If you have any additional security clearance questions, call the AFELM NCOIC at DSN 552-3424 or COMM (913) 684-3424.


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AF Students will be given a suspense date for completion of P920, Prentice Hall testing and the diagnostic essay by the AFELM Prep Course POC. The AF student suspense date will be different and earlier than your Army peers. If it is possible, aim to complete the P920 course prior to arrival; however, P920 writing assignment will be taken care of after arrival.


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The first few weeks after your arrival will be devoted to preparing you to succeed in an Army environment and preparing you for academic success. You will spend some time 're-bluing' on Air Force Doctrine, current events in the service, and an overview of hot-button airpower issues in the joint community. During this period, you will also spend time getting to know your Air Force classmates and the other Air Force folks stationed here at Fort Leavenworth.

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When the regular course begins, you'll be viewed by the Army students as their main source of information on all Air Force topics. To help you and your AF classmates prepare for this challenge, you will be matched with a group, and present a seminar briefing session on relevant issues within your area of expertise and/or weapon system. These briefs will be presented to your Air Force classmates during the prep course. Of course, we don't expect everyone to become an instant expert, but this is a great format for establishing some points of contact so you can get answers to the tough questions you'll be asked throughout the year.

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You should retain this information as well as the following publications throughout the school year. They contain the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  1. CGSC Circular 350 1, Command and General Staff College Catalog, is linked at the CGSC Inbound Information site page. It addresses all academic offerings and requirements as well as providing detailed information on the CGSC curriculum. Information on the Advanced Applications Program (AAP) (electives), the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) Degree Program, and civilian university studies are published under separate cover and distributed after your arrival.
  2. CGSC Circular 350-5, The Command and General Staff Officer Course Student Handbook is scheduled to post to the BlackBoard. It covers general information, policies, conduct of instruction, library services, administrative matters, physical fitness, weight control, and athletics. It addresses academic offerings and requirements as well as providing detailed information on the CGSC curriculum, such as electives information, the Master of Military Art and Science (MMAS) Degree Program, and civilian university studies.
  3. There are required readings for the CGSC Common Core Curriculum and the Advanced Operations Course (AOC). Each student must have a copy of these publications for class. Most classes will have copies of required readings available at the Combined Arms Research Library. Any publications not available at CARL should be available in adequate quantities for purchase at the CGSC AAFES Bookstore. Students may purchase these books prior to in processing.
    • Books that may be required for purchase and may not be available in CARL are:
      • Common Core Curriculum:
        Knox, MacGregor, and Williamson Murray. The Dynamics of Military Revolution, 1300–2050. New York: Cambridge University Press, 2001. Paret, Peter (editor).
        Makers of Modern Strategy. Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 1986.
      • Advanced Operations Course (AOC):
        Murray, Williamson and Allan R. Millett. Military Innovation in the Interwar Period. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1996.

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The promotion system for students is unique. Your current senior rater must prepare a narrative-only Promotion Recommendation Form (PRF) on you prior to your departure. You are required to submit a PRF upon your arrival to the AFELM NCOIC; this is a CGSC requirement which must be met whether you have already met a board or are about to meet a board. Specific guidance can be found in AFI 36-2406, and


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If possible, ensure your current unit completes an OPR prior to your departure. Strive for a close out date as close to your CGSC reporting date as possible. If there is a short gap between your latest OPR and your report date, we will be able to document any missed accomplishments on your training report.

**IMPORTANT** We will need a signed Letter of Evaluation [AF Form 77] from your current supervisor to document missed accomplishments.


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Complete/update your ADP before you depart your current job. Your current Commander is your best resource for career counseling and he/she will be able to make the best possible assignment recommendations in the reviewer blocks of the ADP. The AFELM director does not provide ADP vectors for students; so your current Commander should discuss your post-IDE assignment prospects (staff, Command, return to fly) on your ADP before you depart.


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Once we begin the Air Force Prep Course, ordinary leave is difficult to coordinate in large blocks. There will typically be a midway two-week break (December for the summer class, and June for the winter class).

The summer class also has days off in March to align with on-post school break. The winter class would have a corresponding fall break.

Excess use-or-lose leave will not be an acceptable excuse for missing class. It is advised that you work use-or-lose leave issues before you arrive.


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All AF students will complete the AF fitness assessment while at CGSC. Expect to test in the first available month while you are here [i.e. Class XX-01 should expect to test in September and Class XX-02 should expect to test in April]. During AF indoc, you will complete the Army fitness test, which includes sit-ups, push-ups and a two-mile run. This assessment will not be recorded. This assessment will allow you to determine your fitness level compared to your classmates.


The Army puts a strong emphasis on physical fitness, and some Soldiers may harbor unflattering stereotypes of Airmen. To disprove this stereotype, several Airmen have placed top three, as well as an overall first place, in the CGSC "Iron Major" competition in recent years. You will be expected to uphold a healthy, respectable level of fitness and present a professional appearance while in uniform.


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If you are registering a vehicle in Kansas or Missouri you need the following information:

  • For non-Kansas State residents, there is a military affidavit for active duty members to avoid personal property tax on vehicles. Kansas Law: K.S.A. 79-5107(e) Inquire at the county treasurer's office,
  • For Military Personnel living in Missouri, you need a copy of your latest LES prior to going to the License office to register vehicles. Depending on the year of your vehicle you may need have it inspected also. You can find more information about registering your vehicles at the Department of Revenue site.

Parking at Lewis & Clark

Parking is limited at CGSC. There is student parking in the vicinity south of the Lewis and Clark Center. You must observe the posted signs and park only in authorized student parking areas. We urge you to bicycle, motorcycle, car pool, or walk to help alleviate the parking challenge throughout the year. We take parking seriously. If the Military Police issue you or your family members three traffic tickets (to include warnings) on Fort Leavenworth (parking, speeding, failure to yield, etc.) in a 6-month period, you may lose your Fort Leavenworth driving privileges. Please observe the rules and discuss this matter with your family members who drive. Military sponsors are responsible for the actions of their family members. Additional information is provided during in processing.


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The utility uniform (BDU/ACUs or flight suit) will be worn the majority of the time. Plan uniforms accordingly for Kansas winters which can be very cold and snowy.

You will also need Service Dress, Mess Dress and PT gear.

If you have flight gear and expect to fly again, don't turn it in.

The Fort Leavenworth PX and Military Clothing Sales do not carry Air Force uniform items. Stock up before you depart your duty station. Additionally, an extra cap might be something worth purchasing prior to your arrival.

The closest AF Clothing Sales is at Whiteman AFB, located two hours away. They can take telephone orders and mail via Fed-Ex. Another option is AAFES Military Clothing telephone and/or internet orders available at

Add: As for patches, feel free to keep your uniform "as is" while here at school. Your current organizational patches are acceptable – in fact, they help people remember your background and areas of expertise.


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Unlike ACSC, CGSC does not grant a Master's Degree upon course completion. However, the school offers an optional Master of Military Art and Science Degree that includes a thesis on a military topic of your choice. It also fills some of the school's elective requirements for graduation.


Additionally, there are a number of civilian graduate schools that cater master's programs to the CGSC population. There will be an opportunity during the prep course to learn about these various programs. For further information contact:

Fort Leavenworth Army Continuing Education Center
120 Dickman Avenue
Fort Leavenworth, KS  66027
COMM (913) 684-2496
DSN 552-2496


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AFELM Contact Information:
Phone: Commercial: 913-684-3415, DSN: 552-3415 |  E-mail: The Air Force Element


Last Reviewed: January 3, 2014

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