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Defense programs

Definition/Scope: An Acquisition Program is a directed, funded effort that provides a new, improved, or continuing materiel, weapon or information system or service capability in response to an approved need.

Used For:

DoD programs

Broader Terms:

federal programs

Narrower Terms:

Advanced Composite Aircraft Program
Air Force programs
Anthrax Vaccine Immunization Program
Armed Forces Blood Program
Army programs
Ballistic Missile Defense Program
Bosslift Program
Business Initiative Council
Business Management Modernization Program
Coast Guard programs
College First program
Combat Feeding Program
Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program
Corporate Fellows Program
Counterintelligence-Scope Polygraph program
DARPA programs
Defense Acquisition Process
DoD Antiterrorism Program
DSMOA Program
Family and Force Protection Initiative
Fast Track
Foreign Area Officers Program
Future Years Defense Program
General Defense Intelligence Program
Humanitarian Demining Program
Joint Live Fire Program
Land Reuse Plan
major construction projects
Marine Corps programs
Military Housing Privatization Initiative
minor construction projects
MWR programs
naval programs
program elements
science and technology objectives
service support programs
Small Business Innovation Research
Small Business Technology Transfer
voluntary education programs
War Air Service Program

Related Terms:

concept exploration programs
Defense acquisition executives
Defense Department
Defense spending
Defense transformation
Milestone Decision Authority

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