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Defense Department

Definition/Scope: Originally designated as the National Military Establishment (NME) Sep 18, 1947. Headed by the Secretary of Defense.

Used For:

Department of Defense
National Military Establishment
NME (National Military Establishment)



Broader Terms:

Federal Departments (US Government)
Intelligence Community
National Defense Strategy

Narrower Terms:

Army Space Cadre
Army Space Council
Camp Lejeune
Camp Pendleton
Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and high-yield Explosives consequence management
Defense Environmental Response Task Force
Defense Information Systems Agency
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
DoD Components
Global War on Terrorism
joint forces
Mullen, Michael "Mike" Glenn
National Search and Rescue Plan
North American Aerospace Defense Command
security assistance organizations
United States Marine Corps Forces Command
United States Marine Forces, Europe
United States Marine Forces, South
US armed forces
US Strategic Command, Combatant Command, Unified

Related Terms:

Chemical and Biological Division
Defense information system
Defense Joint Intelligence Operations Center
Defense programs
Defense transformation
DoD job titles
DoD personnel
DOD Reorganization Act, 1986
humanitarian assistance coordination center
Interagency Threat Assessment and Coordination Group
international environment
lead agency
National BW Defense Analysis Center
National Counterproliferation Center
National Reconnaissance Program
National Security Act of 1947
National Security Agency

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