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Definition/Scope: (Army) *1. In the context of command and control, the regulation of forces and warfighting functions to accomplish the mission in accordance with the commander’s intent. (FM 3-0) 2. A tactical mission task that requires the commander to maintain physical influence over a specified area to prevent its use by an enemy. (FM 3-90) 3. An action taken to eliminate a hazard or reduce its risk. (FM 5-19) *4. In the context of stability mechanisms, to impose civil order. (FM 3-0) (DOD) 1. Authority that may be less than full command exercised by a commander over part of the activities of subordinate or other organizations. 2. In mapping, charting, and photogrammetry, a collective term for a system of marks or objects on the Earth or on a map or a photograph, whose positions or elevations (or both) have been or will be determined. 3. Physical or psychological pressures exerted with the intent to assure that an agent or group will respond as directed. 4. An indicator governing the distribution and use of documents, information, or material. Such indicators are the subject of intelligence community agreement and are specifically defined in appropriate regulations. Control is the regulation of forces and warfighting functions to accomplish the mission in accordance with the commander’s intent. It is fundamental to directing operations. Commanders and staffs both exercise control. Aided by staffs, commanders exercise control over all forces in their area of operations. Staffs coordinate actions, keep the commander informed, and exercise control for the commander. FM 3-0 NOTE: FM 3-0 has been superceded by ADP 3-0. See ADP 6-0 for more information on control.

Broader Terms:

Full spectrum operations
risk reduction
Science and Technology Directorate
stability mechanism
Warfighting Function

Narrower Terms:

administrative control
area damage control
arms control
automated gain control
battlefield circulation control
coastal control
Command and Control
contamination control
control plans
control systems
crowd control
damage control (naval)
depth control
disease control
dust control
emission control
engagement control
export controls
flood control
fluid control
forest fire control
load control
quality control
remote control
riot control
risk reduction
SIGINT operational control
signature control
technical control
temperature control
weapon control

Related Terms:


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