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common operational picture

Definition/Scope: (JP 1-02) (DOD) A single identical display of relevant information shared by more than one command. A common operational picture facilitates collaborative planning and assists all echelons to achieve situational awareness. (ADRP 6-0) A single display of relevant information within a commander?s area of interest tailored to the user?s requirements and based on common data and information shared by more than one command.NOTE: FM 3-0 hasbeen superceded by ADP 3-0. (FM 3-0) A common operational picture is an operational picture tailored to the user’s requirements, based on common data and information shared by more than one command. The availability of a common operational picture facilitates mission command. The common operational picture lets subordinates see the overall operation and their contributions to it as the operation progresses. This knowledge reduces the level of control higher commanders need to exercise over subordinates. The common operational picture features a scale and level of detail that meets the information needs of that commander and staff. It varies among staff sections and echelons. Separate echelons create a common operational picture by collaborating, sharing, and refining relevant information. To the extent permitted by technology, the common operational picture incorporates as much information from running estimates as possible.

Used For:

common relevant operational picture
situational awareness



Broader Terms:

Analysis and Control Element
Maneuver Control System
Multi-Function Radio Frequency System

Narrower Terms:

Brigade Combat Team
Civil considerations
Heavy Brigade Combat Team
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Stryker Brigade Combat Team
Tactical Conflict Assessment Framework

Related Terms:

Area Of Responsibility
collaborative information environment
concept of operations
Joint Coordination Center
mission analysis
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situational awareness

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