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Commander's Critical Information Requirements

Definition/Scope: 1) A comprehensive list of information requirements identified by the commander as being critical in facilitating timely information management and the decision making process that affect successful mission accomplishment. The two key subcomponents are critical friendly force information and priority intelligence requirements (JP 1-02). 2) Elements of information required by commanders that directly affect decision making and dictate the successful execution of military operations (FM 3-0). ) OLD VERSION FM 101-5-1. Information required by the commander that directly affects his decisions and dictates the successful execution of operational or tactical operations. CCIR result in the generation of three types of information requirements: PIR (priority intelligence requirements); EEFI (essential elements of friendly information) and FFIR (friendly force information requirements).



Broader Terms:

critical intelligence
Find, Fix, Finish, Exploit, Analyze and Disseminate
human intelligence
Information Management
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
Military DecisionMaking Process

Narrower Terms:

decision making
Every Soldier a Sensor
Knowledge Management
Mission enemy terrain troops time available and civil considerations

Related Terms:

Command and Control
Commander’s Intent
Commander’s visualization
Essential Element of Friendly Information
Fragmentary Order
Friendly Force Information Requirements
information requirements
intelligence collection plans
intelligence planning
intelligence requirements
intelligence synchronization
intelligence synchronization matrices
Priority Intelligence Requirement
requests for information
requests for intelligence
requests for intelligence information
requirements management (intelligence)
specific information requirements
specific intelligence collection requirements

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