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Command Sergeant Major

Definition/Scope: Army senior noncommissioned officer of the command at battalion or higher level. Serves as the senior enlisted advisor to the commander. (FM 6-0) The CSM is a member of the commander's personal staff by virtue of being the command's senior noncommissioned officer (NCO). No officer exercises coordinating staff responsibility over the CSM. The CSM is responsible for providing the commander with personal, professional, and technical ad- vice on enlisted soldier matters and the NCO corps as a whole. A CSM is au- thorized at every echelon from battalion through corps. The CSM's responsibilities vary according to the commander's desires, but normally include; providing advice and recommendations to the commander and staff in matters pertaining to enlisted soldiers; executing policies and standards concerning enlisted soldier performance, training, appearance, and conduct; maintaining communications with subordinate unit NCOs and other enlisted soldiers, through the NCO support channel; monitoring unit and enlisted soldier training, and making corrections as necessary; Administering and monitoring the unit NCO development program and sergeant's time training; providing counsel and guidance to NCOs and other enlisted soldiers; helping the commander develop the unit METL and supporting individual tasks for each mission essential task; administering and chairing unit selection and soldier boards for enlisted soldiers; performing other duties the commander prescribes, to include receiving and orienting newly assigned enlisted soldiers and helping inspect command activities and facilities; monitoring and recommending actions on unit morale and discipline; coordinating unit security operations, to include fighting positions and local security.



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Army ranks
senior noncommissioned officer

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