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Combined Arms Center-Training

Definition/Scope: CAC-T manages the identification, development, and resourcing of Army Collective training requirements and the efforts to develop programs to train units and leaders to conduct the full range of military operations in the contemporary operational environment. CAC-T’s essential tasks are: Oversee programs for collective training and training management, provide battle command training, combat develop virtual and constructive simulations, integrate live, virtual, and constructive training environments, manage Army Combat Training Center programs, provide air-ground operations training.

Used For:

Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff (Training)
Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Training-West
Deputy Commanding General, Combined Arms Center-Combined Arms Training



Broader Terms:

CAC major subordinate organizations
Combined Arms Center and Fort Leavenworth
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Training
Fort Leavenworth
Training and Doctrine Command

Narrower Terms:

Army Joint Support Team
Battle Command Training Program
Collective Training Directorate
Combat Training Center Directorate
Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division
National Simulation Center
TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual
TRADOC Project Office for One Semi-Automated Force

Related Terms:

Air Ground Operations School
CAC major subordinate organizations
CAC tenant activities
Combined Arms Center-Leadership Development and Education
Fort Leavenworth

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