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Combat Life Saver

Definition/Scope: (FM 4-02.4) The Combat Life Saver, CLS, is a nonmedical soldier trained to provide advanced first aid/lifesaving procedures beyond the level of self-aid or buddy aid. The CLS is not intended to take the place of medical personnel, but to slow deterioration of a wounded soldier’s condition until medical personnel arrive. Functioning as a CLS for the soldier is a secondary mission undertaken only when the tactical situation permits. Even though this is secondary to his primary mission, the CLS has proven to be very effective in saving wounded soldiers lives. The CLS program is implemented according to AR 350-41.

Used For:

Protection WFF
Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Battalion Aid Station
Combat Support Hospital

Narrower Terms:

Combat Lifesaver Course
trauma care

Related Terms:

Brigade Combat Team Trauma Training
first responders (medical)
forward resuscitative care

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