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ABCA Armies (Coalition)

Definition/Scope: As a means of continuing to foster and capitalize on the close cooperation between the Allies during World War II, the Plan to Effect Standardization was initiated in 1947 between the Armies of the United States, Britain and Canada – the ABC Armies. In 1954, the Basic Standardization Concept replaced this Plan. In 1963, Australia joined the organization. With the ratification of the Basic Standardization Agreement 1964 (BSA 64) on 10 October 1964 by the Armies of the United States (US), United Kingdom (UK), Canada (CA) and Australia (AS), the current ABCA Armies' Program was formally established as the American, British, Canadian, Australian Armies' Standardization Program. By the invitation of the ABCA Armies, New Zealand (NZ) was granted observer status in the Program under the sponsorship of AS in 1965. In 2004, the US Army signed an MOU with the US Marine Corps that formalized their increasing participation in the Program. As a result, the US is currently represented by a single national position, typically through the senior US Army representative. Since over the years, the UK has elected to include the Royal Marines within its delegation, the Program now embraces all the Land Forces of the member nations. New Zealand was officially accepted as a full member in March 2006 but the title remained unchanged as the ABCA Armies' Program. In June 2002, the ABCA Executive Council [ TEAL (Tripartite Equipment and Logistics) HODs (Heads of Delegation) at the time], concerned with the impact of the “post-9/11” security environment, established a Special Working Party (SWP) to conduct a Program Review. The SWP's report on transformation was approved by the Council in May 2003 and implemented over the following year. The first Annual Meeting of the newly transformed Program took place in Washington in June 2004.

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