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Combat Aviation Brigade

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0) Most of the Army's aviation combat power resides in multifunctional combat aviation brigades. These organizations can be task-organized based on the mission. They include various types of organizations, with manned and unmanned systems. Combat aviation brigades are organized to support divisions, BCTs, and support brigades. They specialize in providing combat capabilities to multiple BCTs. However, they can be task-organized to support a theater army or corps acting as a joint task force or land component command. Based on priorities and missions, a combat aviation brigade coordinates operational details directly with supported organizations. Combat aviation brigades typically conduct the following missions: Attack, Reconnaissance, Security, Movement to contact, Air assault, Air movement, Aerial casualty evacuation, Personnel recovery, Command and control support.



Broader Terms:

aviation brigades
multi-role aircraft
multi-sensor command and control aircraft
reconnaissance aircraft

Narrower Terms:

air ambulances
air assault
Heavy Brigade Combat Team
Infantry Brigade Combat Team
Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
MQ-1C Sky Warrior
personnel recovery
Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Related Terms:

air ground integration
air lift
air support
Battlefield Surveillance Brigade
Combat Aviation Brigade
Functional Brigade
Maneuver Enhancement Brigade
Sustainment Brigade

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