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Coalition Forces Land Component Command

Definition/Scope: Coalition Forces Land Component Command, or CFLCC, is a generic U.S. and allied military term. In U.S. military terminology, Unified Combatant Commands or Joint Task Forces can have components from all services and components - Army ~ Land, Air, Naval, Marine, and Special Operations. Thus a Land Component Command is a command directing all land forces on behalf of a combatant commander or JTF commander. Coalition, or sometimes ’Combined’, is a term denoting that armed services of different countries are involved. Thus a Coalition Forces Land Component Command is a multinational land force, usually operating as part of a U.S. combatant command, though it could theoretically be applied by other Western and U.S. allied nations.



Broader Terms:

US Central Command, Combatant Command, AOR/Unified

Related Terms:

Coalition Forces Air Component Command
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