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CMF 21 (Engineer)

Definition/Scope: Engineer Officer (21), Combat Engineer (21B), Bridge Crewmember (21C), Diver (21D), Construction Equipment Operator (21E), Quarrying Specialist (21G), Plumber (21K), Firefighter (21M), Powerline Distribution Specialist (21Q), Interior Electrician (21R), Technical Engineer (21T), Concrete and Asphalt Equipment Operator (21V), Carpentry and Masonry Specialist (21W), Geospatial Engineer (21Y)

Used For:

CMF 12 (2008)
CMF 51 (2008)
CMF 81 (2008)

Broader Terms:

Army enlisted career management fields
Army officer career branches
Army warrant officer career branches
enlisted career management fields

Narrower Terms:

21B Combat Engineer

Related Terms:

Army Engineer School

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