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civil affairs

Definition/Scope: (JP 3-57) Designated Active and Reserve Component forces and units organized, trained, and equipped specifically to conduct civil affairs operations and to support civil-military operations. CA forces offer unique capabilities that not only enhance the military mission but also ultimately advance the U.S. interests. CA units are organized, equipped, and trained to accompany special operations forces (SOF), conventional forces, and interagency organizations. Helping a country in crisis requires skills that promote the U.S. military relationship with IPI (indigenous populations and institutions), OGAs (other government agency), IGOs (intergovernmental organization), and NGOs (nongovernmental organization). CA forces are skilled in conducting these tasks.

Used For:

civil affairs operations



Broader Terms:

CMF 38 (Civil Affairs)
EC-130J Commando Solo
Joint Forces Commander
military options
Special Operations Forces
World Health Organization

Narrower Terms:

civil affairs activities
civil affairs agreements
civil affairs battalions
civil affairs group
civil affairs operations
civil affairs units
Civil Information Management
Civil Military Operation
civilian organization

Related Terms:

city assessment team concept
civil affairs activities
civil control
Civil Military Operation
civil security
civil-military operations centers
host nation
medical civic action programs
primary stability tasks
restore essential services
support to goverence

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