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Definition/Scope: (FM 17-95) The fundamental purpose of cavalry is to perform reconnaissance and to provide security in close operations. In doing so, cavalry facilitates the corps or division commander?s ability to maneuver divisions, brigades, and battalions and to concentrate superior combat power and apply it against the enemy at the decisive time and point. Cavalry clarifies, in part, the fog of battle. Cavalry is, by its role, an economy of force. The flexible capabilities of cavalry allow the commander to conserve the combat power of divisions or brigades for engagement where he desires. The combat power of cavalry units, in particular, makes them ideal for offensive and defensive missions as an economy of force. Cavalry serves as a catalyst that transforms the concepts of maneuver warfare into a battlefield capability.



Narrower Terms:

air cavalry
armored cavalry

Related Terms:

Air Cavalry Squadron
fixed-site security
perimeter security
Quick Reaction Force
response force

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