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C-130 Hercules

Definition/Scope: A medium range troop and cargo transport designed for air-drop or airland delivery into a combat zone as well as conventional airlift. This aircraft is equipped with four turboprop engines, and integral ramp and cargo door. The LC variant is ski equipped. The E model has additional fuel capacity for extended range. Designated as C-130. The inflight tanker configurations are designated as KC-130 and HC-130, which is also used for the aerial rescue mission. The gunship version is designated as AC-

Broader Terms:

18th Air Force
Defense Distribution Depot Hill UT
Defense Logistics Agency Distribution Warner Robins
Eighteenth Air Force
Joint Base Balad
military transport aircraft

Narrower Terms:

AC-130H Spectre
AC-130U Spooky
C-130A Hercules
C-130B Hercules
DC-130 Hercules
HC-130N Combat Shadow
JHC-130H Hercules
KC-130 Hercules
LC-130 Hercules
MC-130E Combat Talon I
MC-130H Combat Talon II
MC-130P Combat Shadow
NC-130 Hercules
RC-130 Hercules
WC-130 Hercules
YC-130 Hercules

Related Terms:

EC-130E Commando Solo
EC-130E Senior Scout
EC-130H Compass Call
EC-130J Commando Solo
naval aircraft
Remotely Operated Video Enhanced Receiver

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