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Brigade Support Battalion

Definition/Scope: (FM 4-90) The Stryker Brigade Combat Team, SBCT, headquarters and the Brigade Support Battalion, BSB, are capable of planning for and absorbing augmenting units/sections that provide mission specific logistic support capabilities not organic to the SBCT such as financial management or mortuary affairs. The BSB consists of four companies: the battalion HHC, the distribution company, the field maintenance company (FMC), and the brigade support medical company (BSMC). The BSB is designed to perform centralized C2 of all logistics operations, including Army Health System (AHS) support under the C2 of the BSB headquarters. The BSB staff executes logistics operations through a C2 system complemented with an array of digital information systems. A SBCT BSB does not have any Forward Support Companies such as the HBCT or IBCT.

Used For:

Forward Support Battalion
Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Army transformation
Brigade Logistics Support Team
Future Combat System
Future Combat Systems (Brigade Combat Teams)
Stryker Brigade Combat Team

Narrower Terms:

Forward Support Company
Forward Support Medical Battalion

Related Terms:

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