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BRDM-2 armored scout car

Definition/Scope: The BRDM-1 (Boyevaya Razvedyvatelnaya Dozornaya Mashina, literally "Combat Reconnaissance/Patrol Vehicle") was an amphibious armored scout car used by Russia and the former Soviet Union. It was originally known simply as BRDM but when BRDM-2 entered production and service with Soviet Army in 1962, it received designation BRDM-1. The BRDM (also known as the BTR-40P) first appeared in 1957, and was in production until 1966. Total production was around 10,000 vehicles, less than 600 remain in the reserves of a number of countries. the BRDM-2 is a fully armored, four-wheel drive, amphibious reconnaissance vehicle with two pairs of belly wheels and a centralized tire pressure regulation system for increased cross-country capability and a single water jet for propulsion through water.

Broader Terms:

amphibious vehicle
foreign reconnaissance vehicle
Scout Car
wheeled armored personnel carrier

Narrower Terms:

AntiTank-2 Swatter
AntiTank-3 Sagger
AntiTank-5 Spandrel
wheeled armored personnel carrier

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