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Biometric Fusion Center

Definition/Scope: This organization is now known as the Biometric Task Force. The Biometrics Task Force mission is to: lead the Department of Defense activities to program, integrate, and synchronize biometric technologies and capabilities and to operate and maintain DoD’s authoritative biometric database to support the National Security Strategy. Their vision is: The Biometrics Task Force is a premier organization dedicated to protecting the nation through the employment of biometric capabilities.


Biometrics Task Force



Broader Terms:

Biometrics Management Office
National Ground Intelligence Center

Narrower Terms:

asymmetric threat
asymmetric warfare
Automated Fingerprint Identification System
Automated Identification Management System
Biometric Fusion Cell
eye identification
facial screening
fingerprint recognition
fusion (intelligence)

Related Terms:

Automated Biometric Identifcation System
Task Force

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