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Battle Command Training Program

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-50) The Battle Command Training Program, BCTP, consisting of OPS Group A & B, Ops Group C and Ops Group D, located at Fort Leavenworth, KS, is the Army's capstone combat training center. BCTP supports realistic, stressful training and leader development for Army Force/Army Service Component Commands (ARFOR/ASCC) and corps, division, and brigade commanders and their staffs to assist the Chief of Staff, United States Army (CSA), in fulfilling his obligation to provide trained and ready units to win decisively on the modern battlefield and to conduct contingency operations worldwide. BCTP conducts computer-assisted command post exercises at the mid-to-high intensity level of combat. The BCTP also provides a vital source of experience-based information and data essential to DTLOMS to improve the Army and supports contingency operations and deployed unit training. A program at Ft Leavenworth that is designed, using battle simulation, to evaluate Brigade commanders and their staffs drawing from the echelon above corps through the brigade level. The courses at BCTP include the Pre-Command Course (PCC), Tactical Commanders' Development Course (TCDC), Battle Command and Training Program (BCTP), and Brigade Command and Battle Staff Training Program (BCBST).

Used For:

Sustainment WFF



Broader Terms:

Army training program
Combined Arms Center-Training

Narrower Terms:

Battle Command Training Center
World Class OPFOR

Related Terms:

Army Training System
Collective Training Directorate
Combat Training Center
Fort Leavenworth
Mobilization Army Training Center
National Training Center
TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual
TRADOC Project Office for One Semi-Automated Force

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