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Battle Command Knowledge System

Definition/Scope: Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS) was an Army-wide knowledge management (KM) capability that supported the creation, organization, application and transfer of knowledge to facilitate situational understanding and decision making. BCKS fostered collaboration among Soldiers, Units and Leaders in order to share expertise and experience, and support the development of organizations and teams. BCKS supported improving organizational learning, innovation, and performance. BCKS processes ensured that knowledge products and services were relevant, accurate, timely, and useable to commanders and decision makers. BCKS was headquartered at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, the home of the Combined Arms Center (CAC), the Intellectual Center of the Army. BCKS was a subordinate organization of the Combined Arms Center-Knowledge Directorate (CAC-K). CAC-K groups together five existing CAC organizations: BCKS; Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate (CADD); Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL); Combat Studies Institute (CSI); and Military Review. The purpose of BCKS was to promote the rapid transfer of experiential knowledge between Soldiers, and to get knowledge to the decision makers in a timely manner. BCKS established an Army level knowledge management system to support Soldiers and leaders in the performance of their respective operational mission(s). The main thrust of the system was to support the operational domain (deployed units) with secondary thrust to the institutional domain (schoolhouse). This system transformed processes and business rules to ensure that the knowledge generation-processing-application cycle is institutionalized to provide ongoing, near real-time support to the Army’s battle command, doctrine development, leader development, and education and training programs. Specific initiatives included: creation of virtual forums designed to build knowledge assets; leveraging the lessons learned analysis and collaboration process within the training and doctrine system; providing input mechanisms for individual and organizational learning across directorate of resource management; including links and references to training and doctrine resource; enhancing the exchange of information thus reducing the mission decision cycle time. It was reconsolidated into the Center for Army Lessons Learned in 2011.


Center for Army Lessons Learned

Used For:

Battle Command Knowledge Network
Warrior Knowledge Network
WKN (Warrior Knowledge Network)



Broader Terms:

CAC major subordinate organizations

Narrower Terms:

communities of practice
Information Management
Knowledge Management
Web 2.0

Related Terms:

Center for Army Lessons Learned
Collective Training Directorate
Combat Studies Institute
Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate
Military Review
The Combined Arms Doctrine Directorate
TRADOC Capability Manager Virtual

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