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battle command

Definition/Scope: (FM 3-0 has been superseded by ADP 3-0) THIS TERM HAS BEEN ELIMINATED BY MISSION COMMAND. SEE FM 3-0 FOR MORE INFORMATION. The art and science of understanding, visualizing, describing, directing, leading, and assessing forces to impose the commander?s will on a hostile, thinking, and adaptive enemy. Battle command applies leadership to translate decisions into actions—by synchronizing forces and warfighting functions in time, space, and purpose—to accomplish missions. FM 3-0 (Old version) The art of battle decision making, leading, and motivating soldiers in their organizations into action to accomplish missions; includes visualizing current state and future state, then formulating concepts of operations to get from one to the other at least cost; also includes assigning missions, prioritizing and allocating resources, selecting the critical time and place to act, and knowing how and when to make adjustments during the fight.


Mission command WFF



Broader Terms:

Army doctrine
battle dynamics
Combined Arms Center-Capability Development Integration Division
Command and Control
Full spectrum operations

Narrower Terms:

Battle Command as a Weapons System
Military DecisionMaking Process
network-enabled battle command

Related Terms:

Army Battle Command System
battlefield visualization
contemporary operating environment
decision making

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