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Basic Officer Leader Course

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The Basic Officer Leader Course I is conducted through three programs. The USMA, ROTC and OCS. The USMA provides a 4–year curriculum leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and commissioning as a second lieutenant. Selection for attendance is through various appointment programs. Policy guidance is contained in AR 351–17. The ROTC Program offers college students the opportunity for commissioning as second lieutenants through 2-, 3-, and 4-year curricula leading to a baccalaureate–level degree. Policy guidance is contained in AR 145–1. The OCS is a branch–immaterial course that provides Wos and enlisted Soldiers an opportunity to earn commissions as second lieutenants in the Active Army, US Army Reserve, and ARNG/ARNGUS. Training takes place in a physically and mentally demanding, high–stress environment. The OCS program is conducted by the US Army Infantry School at Fort Benning, GA. The ARNG/ARNGUS State OCS is conducted by the OCS battalion of ARNG/ARNGUS leadership brigades/regiments organized under. The OCS also provides a rapid expansion capability for officer training upon mobilization. The Commandant, USAIS, in coordination with the CNGB, will maintain the OCS POI.



Broader Terms:

554th Engineer Battalion
Army officer
Army schools
basic courses

Narrower Terms:

Army Officer Candidate School
Reserve Officer Training Corps
US Military Academy

Related Terms:

Army officer
Basic Officer Leader Course II
Basic Officer Leader Course III
Military Colleges
Professional Military Education
Warrant Officer Candidate School

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