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Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course

Definition/Scope: (AR 350-1) The Basic Non-commissioned Officer Course (BNCOC) is a branch–specific course that provides Soldiers selected for promotion to SSG with an opportunity to acquire the leader, technical, and tactical skills, knowledge, and experience needed to lead squad–size units. Training builds on experience gained in previous training and operational assignments. Branch schools and selected training battalions conduct this course in a live–in learning environment, where possible. b. Training focuses on: (1) Preparing unit and subordinate elements for peace and wartime missions and contingencies. (2) Planning, supervising, and executing tasks and missions assigned to squad–size units. (3) Leading, supervising, disciplining, training, and developing subordinates. (4) Planning, scheduling, supervising, executing, and assessing the unit?s mission essential training. (5) Planning, initiating, and supervising personnel, administration, and supply actions. (6) Planning, supervising, and assessing the safe use, maintenance, security, storage, and accountability of personal equipment and organizational materiel. (7) Caring for subordinates and their families. c. Graduates of BNCOC are identified by award of MEL code 3.



Broader Terms:

Advanced Leaders Course
Advanced Non-commissioned Officer Course
basic courses
Non-Commissioned Officer Education System
Sergeants Major Course

Narrower Terms:

Primary Leadership Development Course
Warrior Leader Course

Related Terms:

Army Training and Leader Development Model
distance learning
NCO Academy
Professional Military Education

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