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3d Medical Command (USAR)

Definition/Scope: (USAR) 3rd Medical Command (Deployment Support) is the senior theater level deployable medical headquarters in the U.S. Army and provides support and technical supervision for more than 7,000 Soldiers located in 21 states and Puerto Rico. 3d MDSC is the higher headquarters for five brigades of medical units and is responsible for preparing, mobilizing, deploying and redeploying those medical units anywhere in the world. 3d MDSC staffs a permanently positioned medical command and control element in Kuwait to direct all medical assets under US Army Central (ARCENT). As the US Army's senior deployable theater level medical command and control headquarters, 3d MDSC maintains the capability to assume control of all echelons above corps medical units and the ability to integrate with joint, combined and host nation forces for theater level medical support.

Broader Terms:

direct reporting commands (USAR)
Fort Gillem

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