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Automated Deep Operations Coordination System

Definition/Scope: (FM 100-13) The Automated Deep Operations Coordination System (ADOCS) is a situation awareness tool which integrates a broad number and type of service C4ISR systems, enabling horizontal and vertical integration and C2 actions. It makes the same information available to all users regardless of echelon and allows them to filter the information to their specific mission environment. The system enables joint planning, coordinating, and executing with horizontal and vertical integration across the joint battle space. The ADOCS is designed to automate and simplify the planning and execution process. The ADOCS also serves as an electronic link to the fire direction system (FDS). As ADOCS matures, it will also serve as a link to the maneuver control system (MCS) and the all source analysis system (ASAS). The ADOCS significantly speeds the coordination and staffing process and thus is ideal for processing and engaging targets with short dwell times. The ADOCS graphically displays numerous types of critical friendly and enemy battlefield geometry sets to include the following: Unit locations, air corridors, and restricted fire areas.


Joint Automated Deep Operations Coordination System



Broader Terms:

air defense artillery
Battlefield Coordination Detachment
Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
Joint Time Sensitive Target Management

Narrower Terms:

Air Tasking Order (ATO) Planning and Execution
Army airspace command and control
Combat Search And Rescue
Counterfire Common Operational Picture
Joint Time Sensitive Target Management
Local Area Network
Wide Area Network

Related Terms:

Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
fire direction system
Force XXI Battle Command Brigade and Below
Land Attack Warfare System
Maneuver Control System
Naval Fires Control System

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