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36th Infantry Division (ARNG)

Definition/Scope: The 36th Infantry Division - also known as the Fighting 36th, the Panther Division, or the Texas Division - is a modular division of the United States Army National Guard. It was activated for service in World War II on November 25, 1940, and was sent overseas in April 1943. The 36th Infantry Division was originally activated as the 15th Division, a National Guard Division from Texas and Oklahoma The designation was changed to the 36th Division in 1917. The unit was sent to in July 1918 and again was inactivated in June 1919. The 36th was again activated prior to World War II on 25 November 1940. It deployed overseas on 2 April 1943, commanded by Fred Walker. After 400 days of combat, the 36th Infantry Division returned to the United States in December 1945. It was deactivated on 15 December 1945. On 1 May 2004, the 49th Armored Division of the Texas Army National Guard was officially deactivated and the 49th Armored Division was redesignated the 36th Infantry Division. The 36th ID has the following subordinate units: 2nd Armored Brigade, 3rd Armored Brigade, 36th Infantry Brigade, Division Artillery, 49th Aviation Brigade, 49th Engineer Brigade and the Division Support Command.


36th ID

Broader Terms:

ARNG Infantry divisions

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49th Armored Division (ARNG)

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