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311th Signal Command (Theater)

Definition/Scope: (311th SC) The 311th Signal Command (Theater), Headquartered at Fort Shafter, Hawaii, is the most geographically dispersed signal command in the Army with subordinate units stationed in California, Alaska, Hawaii, Okinawa, Japan, and Korea. As the designated Signal command for the Army Service Component Command within the Pacific theater, the 311th Signal Command combines the strength of (as of June 2012) more than 3,000 U.S. Army active-duty and Reserve Soldiers and Civilian personnel to bring expertise, experience and commitment to accomplish the Army?s communications mission in the Pacific. The mission of the 311th is to engineer, build, operate, and defend a redundant, survivable, joint, combined, and coalition capable LandWarNet, and provide full-spectrum information dominance in support of National and Multinational operations in the Pacific. The command develops a seamless Warfighter experience for pre-deployment, deployment and combat operations world-wide and provides current state-ofthe-art combat communications capabilities at home station Network Enterprise Centers (NECs). The 311th executes and integrates expeditionary Command and Control capabilities to enable joint, combined, coalition, and combined C4I support for the Army Service Component Commander and Pacific Combatant Commander.


311th Theater Signal Command (USAR)


311th SC(T)

Broader Terms:

Network Enterprise Technology Command

Related Terms:

5th Signal Command (Theater)

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