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1-1/4 ton trucks

Definition/Scope: These vehicles included the commercial utility cargo vehicle, CUCV,and the the high mobility multipurpose wheeled vehicle (HHMWV). These categories include the vehicle types of M996, M997, M998, M1009, M1008, M1010, M1025. These ¾ ton and 1 ¼ ton commercial trucks are designed for use on all types of roads and highways in all types of weather. In addition, they are designed for infrequent off-road operations over selected terrain with most of the operations on primary and secondary roads. CUCVs are capable of intermittent, hard-bottom fording to a depth of 20 inches (51 cm) at 5 MPH (8 KPH) for not less than approximately three minutes without stalling, causing permanent damage to components exposed to water, or requiring any immediate maintenance to continue operation. CUCVs have an automatic transmission with three forward speeds and one reverse and a 379 cubic-inch displacement (6.2-liter) V-8 diesel engine. The braking system uses hydraulically activated, power-assisted front disc brakes and rear drum service brakes. The 1 ¼-ton HMMWV is designed for use on all types of roads and cross-country terrain in all weather conditions. The vehicle, powered by a V-8 diesel engine, has four driving wheels, a three-speed power transmission, and a constant four-wheel drive. It is equipped with four-wheel, hydraulic-assist, disc brakes and power steering. The basic truck may be configured for a wide variety of functions. Another specialized 1-1/4 ton vehicle was the M561 Gamma Goat. It was a general purpose vehicle has a dual-body configuration with six wheels and selectable two - or six wheel drive. Coordinated four-wheel steering of the front and rear wheels is provided. It is powered by a 3-53 Detroit Diesel engine, mounted behind the driver’s compartment, and has a four-speed, manual transmission. It is equipped with a six-wheel hydraulic braking system. With its all-aluminum, watertight body, it is capable of swimming calm, inland waterways.

Broader Terms:

utility trucks

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