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Army War College

Definition/Scope: (AR350-1) The USAWC prepares selected military, civilian, and international leaders to assume strategic leadership responsibilities in military or national security organizations; educates students on employment of the U.S. Army as part of a unified, joint, or multinational force in support of the national military strategy; researches operational and strategic issues; and conducts outreach programs that benefit the nation. The USAWC conducts both a resident and a distant education course. Students of the USAWC Distributed Education Course are identified by award of MEL code 1 upon completion of the Midcourse Resident phase. Reservations for, enrollments in, and graduation from the USAWC will be posted in ATRRS.



Broader Terms:

Professional Military Education
Senior Service Colleges

Narrower Terms:

Army Physical Fitness Research Institute
Center for Strategic Leadership
Military History Institute
Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute
Strategic Studies Institute

Related Terms:

Army War College (publishers)
Army War College Distance Education Program
Carlisle Barracks
TRADOC schools

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