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Chief of sustainment

Definition/Scope: (ATTP 5-0.1) The chief of sustainment is the principal staff officer responsible for coordinating all matters concerning the sustainment warfighting function at division and above headquarters. Brigade and below headquarters are not authorized a chief of sustainment. The S-4 serves as the principal coordinator of sustainment for brigade and below. The chief of sustainment has coordinating staff responsibility for the G-1, G-4, and G-8. At division level and higher, the chief of sustainment prepares Annex F (Sustainment) to the operation order or operation plan. (Refer to FM 4-0 and FM 7-15 for more detailed information on the duties and responsibilities of the chief of sustainment.)

Broader Terms:

Coordinating Staff Officer

Related Terms:

Chief of fires
Chief of protection
Chief of sustainment
G-5 plans staff officer
G-8 resource management staff officer
S-1 personnel staff officer
S-2 intelligence staff officer
S-3 operations staff officer
S-4 logistics staff officer
S-6 signal staff officer
S-7 inform and influence activities staff officer
S-9 civil affairs operations staff officer

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